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You do not rise to the level of your goals. You fall to the level of your systems 
-  James Clear

Welcome! I am on a mission to help people like you break free of fear and self doubts so you can make bold career moves like starting your own business. I use a unique blend of practical tools, systems, energy work & traditional coaching techniques to awaken your consciousness and support you in discovering and achieving your dreams. 

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How are you feeling?

Do you feel apathetic about your career?

Are you struggling to figure out what you should be doing instead?

Are you afraid to spend the next 3 - 5 years in the exact same role?

If you have reached a point in your career where you feel those things then keep reading on!

Most people who come to me for help feel:

↳ They are no longer fulfilled by their current career and it’s making them unhappy
↳ They have an underlying feeling of wanting to do/be more
↳ They fear staying stuck where they are more than they fear trying something different
↳ They lack confidence and their limiting beliefs are preventing them from taking action
↳ Although they know they need to make a change, they are missing the clarity of what that change actually looks like.

I can totally relate because that was me in 2019 & 2020 working as Head of HR for a FTSE 100 knowing deep down that I should be doing ‘more’ with my career and longing to get out of the corporate world. *Spoiler alert - I made it out!

Changing careers isn’t a walk in the park but it doesn't
 need to be complex and it shouldn’t feel impossible.

This is why I specialise in taking away the mental and emotional complexities of a career change & starting your own business for you so together we can:

→ Get you crystal clear clarity on where you want to go

→ Create a strategic plan of action including business plans to reach your goal

→ Build unshakable confidence to start making your dream career a reality

So if this does sound like you, I have good and bad news.

Bad news: If you don't do something about it, it won't get better.

Good news: I have just the coaching programme to help you!

Why I do what I do....


I was once in a career that led me to depression & anxiety.


Every day I felt frustrated, depleted and unfulfilled and I believed staying in that career was my only option.


Never did I think I could leave the safety of my corporate 9-5 and become my own boss.


Then one day my life changed, I woke up from my negative self doubting beliefs when my mum passed away aged 61 and I realised that life is too short to spend it feeling depressed over a career. I realised that a career should enhance your life and give you the things that you want, not make you miserable and question your existence.


From that moment on I embarked on a self development journey and a life changing career change journey. It took time (too much time), patience, re-education and investment but now I am here.


I feel grateful for my business, I am fulfilled by helping others and my career is enhancing my life by giving me the ability to travel the world whilst working. 

My journey from 9-5 to 9-thrive took longer than it should have because I didn't have the support of a Coach or Mentor to help me figure out the path which is exactly why I help people now... because life is too short to waste! 

Raw thoughts and
feelings are

Wins and personal growth are

Career Coaching

Free Resources 

About Laura

Laura is Career Transformation Coach and Business Mentor with 10 years+ experience in Human Resources, People Management and Project Management.

As an ambitious professional with a deep rooted love for professional and personal growth, Laura has successfully aligned her extensive HR & Project Management experience and her passion for understanding the mind and how we internally operate into a full time career supporting others with Career Coaching & Business Mentoring.

Laura now focuses her time on empowering and coaching the professionally ambitious to reframe the limitations of their mind, overcome professional challenges found in the corporate world and make sure that mental health becomes their No.1 priority. 

She teaches her clients how to reconnect with their inner self so they can truly embody their true path of success without the nasty burnout.


I know life and time is precious so my programmes & workshops have been curated specifically to maximise on the time we have together so you get quick eye opening results that are realistic and sustainable.

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