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I'm glad you're here

My mission is simple. I am here to help you expand your consciousness, break free of fear and self doubt, gain deep clarity on your life and career and get all the tools you need to start making bold career moves like changing roles or running your own business.


I combine the best bits of Career Coaching, Life Coaching, Business Mentoring, Project Management, HR Expertise and Energy Healing to help you:


✓ Remove subconscious blocks

✓ Discover your dream career

✓ Pursue it with confidence

Are you ready to get the career you want? 

Why work with me?

Before transitioning from Head of HR Shared Services to Career Coaching in 2022, I spent 16 years working in FTSE 100 companies. I was a high-performance worker who experienced rapid growth in each role that I did which gave me heaps of fulfillment but also eventually led me to burnout. You would think working in HR and having so much awareness on the topic of burnout that I would have seen it coming but the truth is, you never do.

I had wrapped my self-worth around my career as I climbed the ladder and it wasn't until I experienced a loss in my immediate family that I realised life was too short to allow my health to be compromised by a job.

My newfound appreciation for life started me on a Journey of self-discovery where for the first time, I properly evaluated my life goals first and then assessed how my career could help me achieve them. 

I am now happily running two businesses (1-1 Coaching and Workplace Wellbeing Training) which are both allowing me to work less, travel more and focus on the things that are important to me such as my relationships, health and exploring the world. 

Most professionals focus on achieving career goals without considering that the career should be there to enhance and enrich life goals. This is why so many professionals find themselves in a mid-career slump feeling burnout and questioning their existence. I get it, I have been there and I am here now to help you rediscover what's important to you and your life and how your career can help you achieve that. 

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