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8 week 1 -1

Career Coaching Accelerator 

In this Programme for you?

You are thinking of changing careers but you keep getting in your own way.


You have found yourself in a perpetual cycle of curiosity > fear > self-doubt > missing clarity.

You feel burnt out, lacking in energy, low in confidence, and need someone to help guide and support you in making positive changes in your life and career because you know it's what you need to feel happy again.

You are worried there is a risk involved so are putting it off.

Work with me to: 

  • Unlock the clarity you need to change your career / start a side hustle / take your side hustle to a main hustle

  • Remove subconscious limiting beliefs that have been keeping you stuck

  • Build unshakeable confidence 

  • Create a plan of action to see your dream career become a reality

  • Learn how to use EFT Tapping as your mindset tool of choice.

Details & Bonuses 

  1. 2 bonus week of coaching (8 weeks for the price of 6)

  2. 4 personalised 1-1 sessions and access to me in between

  3. CV and cover letter template and support (Value £100)

  4. Guidance on Linkedin personal branding (Value £300)

3 month 1 -1

Business Builder - Employee to Entrepreneur 

In this Programme for you?

You are thinking of starting a coaching, consulting or service-based business/side hustle but don't know where to start.


You have lots of ideas but don't know which is the best route to take and what is most aligned with your goals.


You have never run your own business before and feel overwhelmed by your to do list.


You lack the confidence to take action so you're ideas have been left untouched.

You want to start taking control of your career and finances. 

You see other people making moves and you want and want to join them.

You are worried about putting yourself out there and finding clients.

Details & Bonuses 

Work with me to: 

Have a Project Manager and Business Coach to help you build your business via my proven framework.


  • Get clear on where you want to go, what you want to achieve with your life goals and new business and build a resilient mindset alongside.


Business planning

  • Create a 12-month business plan, structure your operating systems and back-end processes, plan financially and get ahead of any threats or opportunities for your new business. 


Clients & Branding

  • Define your niche and your business fundamentals including your 'why', brand visuals and voice. 

Creating your offer experience

  • Choose the right type of offering for your service that meets your clients needs and matches back to your business plan so you can successfully hit your financial and life goals.

Pillars and Social Media 

  • Understanding your content pillars and marketing.  Discovering where your ideal clients are hanging out and building a strategy for the platform so you can start attracting your clients.

  1. 6 bi weekly calls over 3 months, access to me in between sessions

  2. Business planning methods, system setup, operational guidance

  3. Support on Wix website building and setting up social media platforms 

  4. Learn how to use EFT Tapping to build a resilient mindset alongside your new business. (Value £150)

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