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Reaching your next step

Are you ready to reach your next step but don't know what that step is?

The only way to figure all of this out is to spend some time answering the right questions... 

Questions a career coach would ask during a 1-1 session which is exactly what you will get in this training.


As part of this training you will go through a 7 step process answering thought provoking questions to help you work out: 


​➡ What has been going on in your current position to make you feel the way you do and why

➡ What is a non negotiable for your next job/career


➡ What steps you need to take next to feel happy & healthy at work

➡ Whether you should stay in the same type of job but go to another company/industry or whether you need to 180 your career.

Start your coaching session

All you need to complete this session is an uninterrupted 30-60 minutes of your time and a pen & paper. 

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