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Are you an overachiever who feels exhausted all of the time but has no idea how to break the burnout cycle?​


Is your work no longer enjoyable but you are too afraid to make a change and fix it? 

Have you lost sight of who you are as a professional and now questioning is this really the job for me....?​

The Revival Strategy is a 10 week programme for the consciously ambitious professional who is DONE with the BS and burnout and is ready to be REVIVED, energised, confident and in control of their true path to success!

This programme is intentionally designed to give you all the practical tools and clarity you need to get back on top of your career and making aligned moves towards your highest professional vision!​

The Revival Strategy transforms you from surviving to thriving through 5 powerful steps;

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I know you didn’t start your career with the intention of feeling depleted and burnt out so let me ask you this…


Do you want to carry on feeling this way?  


Was that a “hell no” I just heard you say?


I get it… Seriously I get it… It’s so hard when you are experiencing burnout to motivate yourself and make changes and speaking to your employer and asking for their support can feel like the last thing you want to do. Or perhaps you have tried that already and it’s got you nowhere.


I was stagnant at this point for years and it leaves you stuck and frustrated. This is exactly why I know a different approach is needed.


I know what you need and that is to pause and take a few steps back and reassess your life from a completely new perspective so that you can move forward in alignment with your TRUE purpose, and have a career that will light you up not drag you down.


Because the truth is, this is YOUR life. You have one shot to get it right and live it how you want and so you HAVE to start putting yourself first and you can start that today with me on your own revival journey. 


If you are ready to say enough is enough

If you are ready reclaim your energy


If you are ready to reclaim your confidence


If you are ready to ditch the burnout


And if you are ready to start making powerful energetic aligned moves again in your career towards your highest professional vision then this 10 week programme is definitely for you.


Step 1


An analysis of your current monetary, relationships, time and energy expenditure to find out your true reality without the messiness.

A blueprint of your goals and aspirations for cash, relationships, time and energy to then shape your revival strategy.

​A check in with your fears and the limitations which have an influence over your life and decisions. We will look to uncover fears such as not meeting your financial goals, fears of judgement, fears of failure or concerns that changing your career now will have an impact on your future career growth.


We will work through these feelings so you can leave behind the people pleasing and step into your true path of success.

Step 2


A greater understanding of your personal and professional needs so you can begin  to rid the ones which no longer serve you and instead focus your time and energy on the ones that do.

A knowing of your core values and assessing them against your current situation and future goals to make sure you are truly aligned to your plans so that you can say goodbye to feeling like you have lost sight of your purpose.


You will build an understanding and conscious connection with your inner child & shadow self to help support yourself with future development needs. This new formed connection will help bring back your spark and enable you to show up in your career authentically and without shame.

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Step 3


Develop your understanding and self awareness of what is a true fear/concern and what is just your ego / anxiety trying to keep you safe so that you move forward with confidence and stop doubting your immense abilities to thrive.

We will be working with emotional freedom technique (tapping) to penetrate the deeper levels of your consciousness to help you rebalance your mind and debunk any negative thoughts that are holding you back from growing.

Energy healing work (Reiki) to balance, restore and reconnect you back to your true self.

Step 4


Getting to know what works for you in terms of daily rituals, routines and self care to protect your energy going forwards.


You will understand the importance and feel the benefits of looking after yourself and filling up your own cup before you work on anyone else.

You will no longer feel depleted before the day has even begun or find yourself holding onto frustration caused by people around you.

I will give you practical support and guidance on tried and tested new age methods and time to test them for yourself and confidence and accountability coaching to make your plans really stick and be a part of your new life.


Step 5


Finish with clarity on who you are, what your dream really is and what your true vision of success looks like.

Formulation of a next steps plan to work towards the new aligned dream goal and vision.

A wrap up the process and a celebration of the  amazing transformation you have just created for yourself.

How does the programme work?

Over the 10 weeks you will have 8 1 hour private 1-1 session with me where I will guide and support you through each of the 5 steps. In each session I will provide you with a confidential, safe and encouraging space to dig deep and look at your life and career from a completely new perspective.

In between each session I will give you additional work, tasks, journaling prompts to enhance your sessions and help you look at yourself through an even deeper lens.

I will be available to you on email Monday - Friday 9am -5pm for any questions or support between each session. 

Are you ready to refill your life with energy, passion, confidence, drive and meaningful work that make you get out of bed in the morning with a spring in your step?

Enrol with me now

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