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Explore your purpose to create your future

Reframe and Retrain 180 is a 6-week accelerator programme designed to deep dive into your mind to unlock your true career calling and give you the clarity, confidence, tools & steps you need to have the career you want.



 Do you feel unfulfilled, unsatisfied and are no longer enjoying the career path you are on?


Has your 9-5 become monotonous and does it give you the Sunday blues?


Do you find yourself dreaming of a job where you can work for yourself online and be flexible with your time


Do you secretly long for a role that allows you to showcase your creative talents?


Have you always regretted not following that ‘pipe dream’ that everyone said would never work?


Do you find yourself comparing your career success to others and asking why them & not me??

Is there a career you would love to have but can't see how it can pay your bills?


Whatever your thoughts and feeling, if you are unhappy and unhealthy in your current career and are ready to find your true path to success (which means having a job that fills you each day with gratitude and joy) then this is the programme for you.


By exploring and discovering what lights you up, what ignites real feelings of internal satisfaction and reward and by understanding what lifestyle you want to live, you can create a career today that gives you a happier and healthier future.


Your current state of mind

There are two types of people that come to me for career coaching… Some know they dislike their job and know why they are  feeling unfulfilled. Others aren't quite sure what’s going on. 

For those in the second camp, it tends to start with a little nagging feeling that you can’t quite put your finger on. This feeling then progresses to thoughts like there must be ‘more’ but you don’t know what ‘more’ actually is.


After that, the more obvious feelings of unmotivation, disengagement, irritation, anxiety and even burnout become visible. These initial thoughts and feelings are your intuition trying to tell you that you are not where you are supposed to be.


So whether you are fully aware and accepting of your job dissatisfaction right now or if you are still trying to figure out the intuitive messages, I am here to help you make sense of it all.



The Reframe & Retrain 180 programme is designed to take you through a systematic process of self and professional discovery which allows you to make sense of what your heart and soul truly desires.

By exploring 6 core areas, we will holistically assess your current situation and map out your future career possibilities. 

During the process we will dive into the deeper levels of your unconscious to understand what behaviours and expectations are currently driving your views on career success and challenge any narratives that are keeping you stuck in your current situation. 


Using EFT tapping which has been scientifically proven to unlock new beliefs, you will be able to reframe the limitations of your mind and boost your confidence to allow you to truly access your highest professional vision. Any fears and apprehension you once had about making life style adjustments or retraining for a new career will be replaced with passion, willing and drive.

You will gain clarity, confidence, tools, and step you need to embrace a new career path that is aligned to your overall life's purpose and leave you finally feeling happy and healthy at work.


At the end of the 6 weeks:

  • You will have clarity on what the right career for you is and how it meets your emotional, mental, physical and financial needs.


  • You will know what the path to your new career looks like taking into account any financial, energetic or time spending adjustments you may need to make as well as any new qualifications required to ensure your journey is a success.


  • You will have mapped out the systematic next steps you need to take to begin your 180 journey straight away, whilst having EFT tapping in your back pocket to support you should you need it.

What you can expect from the experience 

Career Coach


Prior to the first call, you will be sent a questionnaire to complete. The questions will be related to your lifestyle, responsibilities, current work situation and what feels aligned to you under 6 core discovery areas:

  1. Person type

  2. Purpose

  3. Priorities

  4. Work Style

  5. Passion/hobbies

  6. Dreams


The process of filling out the questionnaire can be very eye opening as you start to look at your life and goals on paper and from a different lenses. 


On the first call we will dive into your answers and begin to explore the correlations between your answers and potential career path options. 

At the end of the call having looked at what you like, dislike and what you are prepared to do, you will have some career avenues to explore and research in your own time before the next session.

Career Coach
Career Coach


We will review the findings of your research together and asses if the options are align to your values and needs.


We will go through any fears and limiting beliefs that could be preventing you from moving forward with your 180 change and I will teach you how to use EFT tapping as a tool to reframe your mind.


We shall also assess if you need to use any further analysis tools to support with your decision making.


After exploring the idea of your chosen career change and using EFT tapping to help support your mindset and confidence shift, we will begin planning what your chosen career path might look like.


In this final step we shall bringing together all of your research and personal discovery information and plan what time/energy commitments, 

financial investments and qualifications are required to happen to make your 180 a reality so you can walk away and start your journey the same day.

Career Coach

Programme Details


This programme is structured depending on your ideal career. We will initially look to engage in three  bi weekly 90 minute coaching sessions conducted remotely via Zoom over a six week period. A follow up call will be booked in 4 weeks after you finish the initial course to see how you are getting on.


If following the first 90 minute coaching session it is discovered that your career journey may be one that involves  self employment and setting up your own business, I will recommend adjusting our bi weekly calls to the one 90 minute session, three 60 minute sessions over eight weeks and an additional 45 minute coaching call four weeks after the eight weeks has ended.

To get the best from the process, you be required to complete a pre work questionnaire before the first call. You will also be assigned additional work/research on the weeks between the coaching calls to support with your career discovery.


Throughout the course you will have access to me Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm via email for support.

Additional BONUS

You will learn about EFT tapping and how to formulate your own EFT routine to rewire your unconscious mind. Once you know how to use EFT and apply the whats the BEEF method, you can then apply this to any life scenario.


Your investment to this programme is £1,162.50 (payment plans are available) 


What would it mean to have a career that lights you up?

Alex - Hair dresser to Dog Agility Trainer 
For my client Alex, having the support of coaching gave her the confidence she needed to 180 her career from hair dressing to dog agility. At first, Alex couldn't see a world where she could turn her passion and hobbies into a career. Now Alex has increased her earnings whilst  investing her time & energy into something she was truly passionate about.





Georgia - PA to Virtual Assistant
Georgia found her purpose at work again. After almost a year of feeling lost and unmotivated, she was finally able to see that her true path which was not to be employed but to be self employed. She started her own online business using the skills and experience she currently had and is now happier and has more flexibility in her day. 

Millie - Marketing  to Online Personal Stylist

Millie has the passion & the dream but she couldn't see the steps she needed to take to make it all a reality. Her unconscious mind was riddled with self doubt and she had a bad money mindset. Together we followed the 180 programme and she now has all of the steps & tools to support her on her journey to becoming a solopreneur and quitting her 9-5.

J - Head of Sales to Mens T-shirt brand owner

J found me at a time when he was really struggling in his career. He had lost all motivation and was considering stepping down from his role and possibly moving into a sales consulting position. What he didn't know before working together was that his lack of motivation and job dissatisfaction was coming from a desire to be creative and have total autonomy in his career. He rediscovered an idea he had about creating his own t shirt brand and together we worked out how he could make this idea a reality. He enrolled on a course at his local university and went back to education aged 42!

Client feedback
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How to start your 180 today!

Are you ready to find your new career?

If you are fed up of feeling unhappy, unhealthy and unfulfilled by your career and you are ready to find the RIGHT one that is ALIGNED and ticks all of your boxes then all you need to do is complete the application form below.

Discovery Call

Feeling unsure? I offer a free 30 minute call so you can make sure this is the right programme for you before you invest. Just complete the application form below and I will contact you to arrange the call.




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